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Unhandled Error - Step by Step

1. In Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, click on the Start Menu button

This is the icon with four panes in perspective

2. Type the word "Run"

You should see a panel fly out that looks something like this:

3. Click on the greyed bar that says "Run"

You should now see a small dialog:

4. Type in the Edit Box: regedit then click on OK

This should open yet another window which looks as follows:

(You may need to answer, Yes, to an Administrator request first.  Note: you will need administrator rights to your PC to do this.)

5. Expand the tab HKEY_CURRENT_USER, by clicking on the small ">" to the left

This will expand the item (known as a Key):

6. In the same way, expand Software and Bell-Lingo
7. Click on the sub-key Bell-Lingo Français

You will now see a number of entries on the right hand side:

If the value of Window State is 1, we need to change it to 2.  (If it is already 2 or 0, please contact Bell-Lingo for further advice.)

8. Right click on the entry, Window State, and select Modify ... from the pop-up menu

If you're not sure what we mean by "right click", this means hover the cursor over the entry, Window State, and click on the right mouse button.

Doing this will open one more dialog, offering you the chance to change the value:

9. Change the value to 2 and then click on OK
10. Close the Registry Editor and restart Let's Begin

Now that you've made that change, the application should work once more.  Contact Bell-Lingo, if it doesn't.

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