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Terms & Conditions

We are wholesale suppliers who only trade with retailers, distributors, language providers and educational establishments.

Regarding the purchase of our products:

1 (a) A fully completed order form from the customer must be posted or emailed specifying quantities required prior to the manufacture of goods.

    (b) Acknowledgement of the order and confirmation of prices for goods will be made within 5 working days to the customer* (see below).

    (c) Prices are valid for 30 days from date of confirmation.


2 (a) An agreed deposit of funds must be transferred from the customer’s accounts to Bell-Lingo accounts subsequent to acknowledgement of the order.

    (b)The Deposit Funds from the customer ‘s accounts must be cleared in Bell-Lingo accounts before manufacture of goods will commence.

    (c) Upon clearance of funds in Bell-Lingo accounts, acknowledgement will be sent to the customer within 24 hours and manufacture of goods will commence. At this point no cancellation of the order by the customer will be possible and all goods ordered must be paid for in accordance with 3 below.


3 (a) Within 7 working days of manufacture of goods commencing an estimated delivery date** (see below) and a price for delivery will be ascertained and communicated to the customer, and if possible, details of who the company is that has been engaged for the purposes of the carriage of the goods ordered by the customer; if possible whatever tracking services that particular courier or logistics company offer, will also be communicated to the customer.

    (b) The customer will be advised of the balance of funds due to be settled before despatch of goods.

    (c) Settlement of the Balance will be due upon delivery.

    (d) The payment of the balance by the customer must include all VAT (where applicable) and all agreed delivery costs. 


4 All damages in transit must be reported immediately to Bell-lingo, upon receipt of goods by the customer.

5 Please refer all end user customer complaints to Bell-lingo using the contact form.


Regarding the contents and use of our products

6 All of our product material is the property of Bell-lingo and is subject to international Intellectual Property legislature. Other than in the terms and conditions specified to an end user within the context of their individual learning, and who has purchased our products, none of the data, audio or designs of our products can be copied, stored, retrieved, broadcast, re-distributed, re-branded or resold in any manner whatsoever.

7 All of our teaching material is produced by qualified instructors who have a minimum of 5 years experience in the language teaching industry. All of our teaching material is originated and owned solely by Bell-lingo © 2013.


* Prices for the “Let’s Begin” audio teaching packs are secured at the time of order, provided the order is placed within 30 days of the prices having been communicated to the customer by Bell-lingo; the only variation in cost that may occur will be due to the exchange rate of currencies fluctuating against the British Pound.

** Bell-Lingo will not be held responsible for deliveries that do not arrive on the estimated date; all ensuing delivery enquiries must be directed to Bell-lingo via our contact form but it will be the responsibility of the courier or logistics company being engaged for the purposes of the carriage of goods from Bell-Lingo to the customer, to address any complaints regarding deliveries. Bell-Lingo will simply liaise between the customer and the courier or logistics company concerned.

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